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Accidents & Injuries

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you need professional advice from an experienced attorney. The insurance company will offer you compensation that is in their best interest, not yours. Insurance adjusters handling your claim are trained to minimize exposure to the insurance company. When you’re represented by the professionals at Modesitt Law, we put more than 30 years of accident experience to work for you. Call us today. The consultation is free with no obligation.

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After an accident:

1. Call 911
2. If you have injuries, get medical treatment immediately.
3. Report the accident to your insurance company.
4. If you are physically able, collect names/telephone numbers of all witnesses.
5. Call Modesitt Law to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.
6. DO NOT discuss the accident or admit fault to the other driver.
7. Follow your doctor’s advice and go to every scheduled appointment.
8. If pain persists, see a specialist for your injury.
9. Keep detailed records of your medical expenses, lost wages, and take photos of your injuries.
10. DO NOT give a statement to the other insurance company without an attorney present.
11. DO NOT sign a medical release authorization as this will give the insurance company access to your medical records that are not even related to your accident.
12. DO NOT engage in compensation negotiations without a Modesitt Law attorney present.

Why Modesitt Law?

  • Over 30 years of experience winning compensation for personal injury and accident cases.
  • We have successfully handled multi-million dollar cases
  • Can be trusted to do what is right for you
  • We care and are committed to you
  • We are accessible and compassionate
  • We have jury trial experience
  • We have handled thousands of personal injury and accident cases

  • Call for your free consultation today. There is No Fee until we win or settle a financial recovery in your injury case.

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